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ALOXE Liquid Wallpaper - Artline Series

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• [Eco-Friendly Material]- Crafted from a blend of organic cotton, luxurious silk, and PVA cellulose, our eco-friendly liquid wallpaper promotes environmental responsibility without compromising on quality.

• [Non-Toxic Formulation]: Free from harmful chemicals and VOCs, our liquid wallpaper prioritizes indoor air quality and safety, making it suitable for homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

• [Longevity & Seamless Repairs]: Liquid wallpaper for walls is engineered for unmatched durability, ensuring a timeless aesthetic for years to come. Repairing minor damages is a breeze, allowing for easy touch-ups without the need for extensive reapplication or wastage.

• [Easy Application Process]: Applying our liquid wallpaper is hassle-free. Just mix the 1kg pack with 6L water thoroughly and let it settle for 10-15 minutes. Then, using a tool, effortlessly apply the mixture onto the wall, achieving professional results with ease.

• [Extensive Area Coverage]: Even with just a 1kg pack, our eco-friendly liquid wallpaper provides 55sq ft coverage, offering an efficient solution for projects of varying sizes while minimizing excess material usage.

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ALOXE Liquid Wallpaper -  Artline Series
ALOXE Liquid Wallpaper - Artline Series